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From baking her mother’s famous brownies, to raising her sons Duncan and Christopher, to celebrating with family, Molly Morris’ most cherished memories are made while wearing an apron.


Aprons are Molly’s roots. Growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, Molly’s mother, Frances, and best friend, Kathy Ann, inspired her passion for aprons. Frances kept a drawer full of aprons and could always be found in the kitchen serving up love. Forever on the hunt for the most beautiful aprons, Kathy Ann shared her favorites with Molly.


Handcrafted with love and the finest materials, Molly’s aprons aren’t just made for the kitchen. They’re made for making memories. Whether you’re painting, gardening, or even tending the barn, her aprons are designed for you to feel your best in your happy place.

Molly spreads her passion for baking, cooking, family, and home today in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Her aprons remember and honor her beloved mother and dear friend who both battled Breast Cancer.

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